Luxury Skarð Eiderdown bedding, handcrafted using centuries of Icelandic tradition

Royal Eiderdown builds on its rich heritage, and over 500 years of history of handpicking and manufacturing luxury Eiderdown duvets and bedding. Our goal is simple – to nourish the skills of creating this luxurious duvet and deliver a high quality product to you, the end customer.

Combined with the incredible history of the Eiderdown Farm in Skarð, Iceland, and the uniqueness of this eco-friendly and eco-sustainable raw ingredient, we feel there is no other company that can match our product in quality and character.

Performance – Pedigree – Paucity are key terms we think about when creating our luxury duvets.

When you buy something with really high quality, you can genuinely feel the difference. It is in the touch, the feel of the material; it´s in its smoothness and in its minute details…