Eiderdown duvets

The ultimate luxury

Eiderdown duvets are the rarest and most exclusive duvets in the world. They are rare for a reason. Eiderdown is the softest and lightest down filling material in the world. You can really feel the difference between a down (goose down, regular down, etc.) duvet and an Eiderdown duvet, due to it being lightweight and free from any unwanted protrusions. We produce different sizes and even custom sizes upon request:

  • King Size
  • Queen Size
  • Double Size
  • Single Size
  • Custom Sizes

Royal Eiderdown High Quality Duvets from Iceland

Our Skarð Eiderdown products goes through a rigorous cleaning process, after they are handpicked. Our quality control process makes sure that at least 99.8% pure Eiderdown makes it into the duvets. Each duvet is given the Icelandic Government Seal of Quality and a serial number by the same assessor that follows the down from nest to duvet. The Seal of Quality is overseen by the Icelandic Ministry of Industries and Innovation and secures the quality of the product.

Indulge in this ultimate luxury for your sleeping comfort and surround yourself with the most luxurious duvets you can find in the world. Explore the different sizes below and contact us for more details and if you wish to order your own Skarð Eiderdown duvet. For custom sizes and more regarding our Eiderdown products, please contact us here.

Eiderdown duvet

eider down duvet

Baby Eider

Royal Eiderdown makes Baby Eiderdown duvets. It is Icelandic heritage that when a new baby is born into a family the ultimate gift you can give is a baby eiderdown duvet. An eiderdown duvet will follow the child and even siblings for years to come. The duvet can move from generation to generation. It is the ultimate luxury gift for a baby.

If you wish to get more information on a Baby Eider duvet from Royal Eiderdown please fill out a contact form and send us a message. We´ll reply back with more information and prices.