Eiderdown Production – Unmatched Craftsmanship

Each Skarð Eiderdown duvet has undergone an intricate drying and cleaning process with eco-sustainable technology. Patient handpicking and manual washing of the Eiderdown are the only means to prepare the world’s rarest filling for luxury duvets. Sewn into Super Fine 420 Long Staple Egyptian Cotton, each compartment of the duvet is filled with an exact quantity of Eiderdown for even distribution.

The Skarð Eiderdown has a very strict quality control policy of its own, which is in accordance with the highest possible quality standards outlined by the Icelandic Government. After handpicking the Eiderdown from the nests and bringing to the cleaning and production facility, a rigorous process begins. This takes place as part of a four-stage process:

  1. Heating
  2. Machine Cleaning
  3. Machine Picking
  4. Hand Cleaning

Now, the Eiderdown is ready for production of Skarð Duvets, in various sizes and shapes. We have standard sizes, but of course we offer the possibility of custom sizes. Please contact us for more details for custom duvet creation the contact us form.

Skarð Eiderdown duvets come with a 5-year guarantee.

Skarð Eiderdown has remarkable insulation properties, being highly efficient and extremely lightweight. Due to the painstaking selection process, it is also very soft to the touch, void of the scratchy quills that are generally found in goose down. Be it +15°C or -40°C, the feeling of warmth and comfort under an Eiderdown duvet is unmatched by any other material in the world. This is because Eiderdown breathes better than all other duvet fillings. Scientifically speaking, less down is needed per square unit to gain the same thermal insulation as any other natural filling material.